What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is a branch of engineering that uses computer vision in the context of manufacturing, especially in quality control. Machine vision systems have helped manufacturers worldwide improve product quality, decrease costs, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Eravis provides industrial system solutions in the field of machine vision technologies.


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Presence Check

Presence-Absence check is the most used control type in machine vision systems. Especially in automotive sector, Presence-Absence check solutions known as Poke-Yoke systems.   

Detailed information and application use cases can be seen by below links:

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Position Inspection


Presence check can be used in different areas in the quality control problems of the industry. In fast consumption sector, position inspection solutions can be used to check whether label printing is done at right orientation. In automotive sector, it can be used for assembly verification.

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Dimensional measurement applications are used to check whether a part is produced in its dimensional tolerances. Measurements such as width, height, diameter, thickness, circularity, arc length, distance between holes can be done. In addition to these measurements, chips&burrs inspections can be done.

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Surface Inspection

  • Faulty surface inspection

  • Welding inspection

  • PCB inspection

  • Tear inspection

  • Contamination/Dirt inspection

  • Primer-Glue inspection

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Identification and verification of position independent product codes

  • Packing, serial number control and verification

  • Reading the ID number on the metal press product

  • Brand, logo, print control

  • Standard coding control

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