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Matrox Design Assistant 5 is released!

Matrox Design Assistant 5 highlights

  • Image-centric configuration lets measurements be set up directly on an image instead of through a configuration pane

  • QuickComm provides ready-to-go communication with a programmable logic/automation controller

  • Events & Actions put the management of specific events and actions into secondary flowcharts thus simplifying the main flowchart

  • Persistent recipes enable the creation of a simpler flowchart with different settings for inspecting similar object types

  • HTML5-based Operator View provides access to the operator interface from any HTML-5 capable browser

  • SureDotOCR™ step enables the reading of dot-matrix text even when distorted, rotated and on irregular backgrounds

  • Support for the Matrox Iris GTR smart camera and Matrox Indio industrial I/O and communication card

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