Sentinel safety video analytics

Industrial Safety Video Analytics

human detection in robotic cell

Sentinel is an artificial intelligence based video analysis platform that performs human detection for safety purposes in industrial areas.

How it works?

Our professional partners integrate security cameras in hazardous areas according to the appropriate field of view.


Sentinel constantly monitors camera streams and produces digital output when it detects people.

artificial intelligence

With this digital output, you can trigger the emergency stop of the related system, give a warning with the alarm tower and activate the pre-recorded audible warning.


You can easily access the photos of detected people on your mobile phone or watch the live stream.

mobile app

Usage Areas

robotic cell

Robotic Cell

forklift area

Forklift Area

metal press line

Press Line

high voltage human detection

High Voltage Area

crane human detection


truck dock

Truck Dock

plastic injection occupational safety

Plastic Injection

chemical process safety

Chemical Process


Images from field