Thermal Image Processing Applications

For many applications, such as the production of parts and components for the automotive or electronics industry, thermal data are critical. While machine vision can see a production problem, it cannot detect thermal irregularities. Thermal imagery provides much more information to production specialists and decision makers. Indeed, for non-contact precision temperature measurement there is nothing to equal thermal imaging. It adds a new dimension to machine vision and is the perfect solution for applications involving non-contact precision temperature measurement and non-destructive testing.


Eravis is Turkey's first and only image processing company offering thermal imaging systems, officially recognised Flir integrator.

Electrical Inspections

Termal Görüntü İşleme
  • A small electrical problem can have extremely far-reaching consequences. The efficiency
    of the electrical grid becomes low, and so the energy is spent generating heat. If left
    unchecked, heat can rise to the point where connections start to melt.

Elektrik panosu kontrol
elektrik kaçak kontrol
elektrik ekipman kontrol termal kamera

The easiest way to solve the problem: Ax8 ​

  • Thanks to the dimensions of 54 x 25 x 95 mm, the Flir Ax 8 is easy to install into the cabinet.

  • It outputs a digital signal if the temperature is above critical levels.

  • It provides 7/24 control by reducing periodic control costs.

Flir Ax8 termal kamera

   Flir Ax8 brochure:

Mechanical Equipment Inspection

  • Overheating in mechanical equipment like conveyor motor engine may cause production problems.

  • Keep 24/7 under continuous observation, without having to stop the operation of the equipment!

  • With streaming video output, the AX8 not only gives the live view of every installation, but also automatically triggers temperature trend analysis as well as automatic alarms when preset temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Flir Ax8 yetkili satıcısı

   Flir Ax8 broşürümüz:

  • FLIR AX8, Ethernet / IP and Modbus TCP compatible analysis and alarm results can be easily shared in a PLC.

  • Digital inputs / outputs for alarms and external equipment control are available. It can also send e-mails and output temperature-time data.

Sealing Inspection (Seal Check)

  • Causes of failure in bonding process;

    • Interruption in glue throwing,

    • Processing of the glue outside the optimum temperature,

    • The position of glue is not correct.

Yapıştırıcı kalite kontrolü
sıcak tutkal kalite kontrolü
  • Areas of use;

    • Pharmaceutical industry (Bottle gelatine - box adhesive)

    • Food Sector (Packaging Control)

    • Chemical Sector (Bottle seal - label adhesive)

    • Automotive (Hot glue pitch)

  • Whether built on a production line or on a fixture, thermal vision system raises the quality standard of each product!

Surface Inspection

  • In metals such as aluminum or steel profiles, surface deformations can be detected automatically by thermal cameras.

metal yüzey kontrol
metal yüzey hataları kontrolü
  • As the surface depths create different contrast, the necessary distinctions can be made according to the size of the scratches and holes.

  • Quality control applications that are done with thermal cameras are non-destructive testing.

Welding Inspection

  • It enables you to maximize your welding qualities by controlling the optimum temperatures of the materials to be welded in or ideal thermal patterns that both materials need to form.

kaynak kontrol
IR kaynak kalite kontrol kamera

Liquid Level Inspection

  • By controlling bottle filling levels with high-speed thermal cameras, you can separate incomplete products from the conveyor.

şişe dolum kontrol
dolum kontrol kameralı kalite kontrol

Food Cooking Inspection

  • You can automatically separate uncooked products by performing temperature control on each product from the flask.

gıda pişme pişirme kontrolü kameralı

Fire Safety

  • You can observe waste deposits or flammable processes in the plant with a 7/24 video stream and receive alerts via digital signal or e-mail at any critical temperature rise.

  • You can also make a retrospective analysis by recording the graph of temperature increase over time.

yangın önleme güvenlik termal kamera
yangın kontrol termal kamera

Mechanical Wear

  • You can observe the boilers or ovens in the casting process with a 7/24 video stream and receive a warning via digital signal or e-mail when possible critical abrasions occur.

  • You can also make a retrospective analysis by recording the graph of temperature increase over time.

  • The automation type thermal cameras are the safest solution with the continuous video streaming and alarming at critical temperatures in risky processes that can be avoided during the periodical checks.

kazan aşınma kontrol termal kamera
fırın aşınma kontrol termal kamera
  • On the other hand, you can continuously observe sediment-foreign accumulation in certain pipelines.

  • In the following example, in order to increase the yield in a cement plant, deposits accumulate over time in the boron which preheats the boron.

  • You can avoid unexpected problems with a continuous observation or you can find the cause of the problem by doing a retrospective analysis.

boru tıkanma kontrol termal kamera
çimento termal kamera kontrol